My drains are gurgling and not draining. What would cause this?

You have blocked drains.

I have no hot water – what’s the problem?

I have no water pressure to my house and a huge water bill – what are the possible causes for this?

I would like to build a house but am not sure what plumbing systems and products I need.

I would like to switch over from an electric hot water system to solar hot water. What’s available and are there any government incentives?

I would like to put a bathroom extension on the house – do you offer this service?

Gas, electric, solar hot water or heat pump, which one is better?

I have no apparent leaks, why is my water bill so high?

Why am I receiving unusually high gas and electric bills?

Can you fix leaking taps?

Why does my hot water system not work as well as it used to?

My toilet somehow empties itself of water. Why does this happen?

When should I call an emergency electrician?

Can I reduce my energy bill by upgrading my lights?

Can I Install new LED lights Myself?

I need a new internet point, can you help?

Can you install a new switchboard?

What suburbs do you service?


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